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Welcome to "Lowry - Specialist"

This site was originally designed to illustrate the work of one artist, possibly U.K.'s finest, specialising in Lowry reproductions and high-class Lowry pastiches - as well as 'securiity' copies for wealthy Lowry owners.

Lowry is still a major feature of the site since, as you may know, much of his work (and he produced over 3000 drawings and canvasses) now sells for 1/2 - 5 million.

However, today the site has been extended to include the work of five highly accomplished artists, each able to produce work in the style of Turner, Monet, Stubbs, Gaughin, Van Gogh (and others), much of it of such quality as to challenge expert opinion!

Such work is produced on modern materials (i.e. wood or canvas) to guard against false attribution on future re-sale - albeit that these days it is impossible to do so with the work of the Old Masters.

In short, the "Lowry Specialist " site is now the showroom for several Art Specialists whose abilities are exceptional in the field of reproductions or work in the style of various well-known artists, both old and modern.

As you will see, we also have artists who specialise in modern difficult acrylic techniques as well as high-class watercolours. Most importantly, since we do not market through Auction House and major Galleries, prices can be a little as 250 - 750 - including framing and delivery. (Payment can be made by Credit Card, Debit Card, or cheque.)

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